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Either way, you are in control.

These are our Model 1000 and 3700. Large or small, we have the right fit for you. Both systems allow you to intelligently and remotely manage and control your buildings energy consumption and both are compatible with oil or gas fired steam boilers or hot water heating systems.

The 3700 is our flagship offering and is a web enabled energy management controller. All control and monitoring data is sent and received automatically to our secure database via sure internet access. We set the industry standard by using our intelligent algorythms to control your boiler. Our controller allows you to not only monitor your buildings, but also use that information to create unique temperature profiles to maximize savings and still keep your tenants comfortable.

We have partnered with Verizon Wireless to give you the option for a extremely robust, 3G connection. Or, you can choose to share your existing internet connection.

The 1000 is designed to support smaller buildings, 1-12 units and can be accessed only via dialup phone line.



Our newly updated website makes it simple for Heat Computer owners to manage their buildings from across town, or across the world. You can see your building's status and make adjustments from any web-enabled device. Alerts or Alarms can be sent directly to your email on on any device, and can be configured to notify multiple people.

We have a portfolio listing that let's you see a quick overview of all your properties. A dashboard to peek into how a specific building is running. With reports and analytics pages, you can see trends or spot potential opportunies to save even more, while still keeping you tenants warm and comforatable. All data is archived, giving users a complete history of a buildings settings and actual temperatures.

Our my.oasincorp.com website is safe, secure, and included with the purchase of a every new Heat Computer. And, your subscription remains uninterupted for the life of your Heat Computers warranty or service agreement.


(Lighting Kit Motion Detector)

Bless our troops! We hope these systems help protect them on their deployments around the world.

Some years ago OAS's engineering team developed an "ETFlare", an Electronic Trip Flare, a remotely controlled motion sensor that showed great promise and interest by the U.S. Army. As seen in the above image of LKMD, this early and insightful innovation lead to the eventual joint development of LKMD with EG&G Technical Services for the U.S.Army.

Each system is comprised of one remote command module, a remote motion sensor, and two lighting modules. All modules are powered by "AA" bateries or by any 12V or greater power source. They are water tight and can run for weeks on a single set of batteries.

As recently as 3Q 2011, OAS finished delivery of nearly 10,000 complete systems to EG&G, now URS. Those systems, after having gone through thorough testing, have been delivered to, and have been deployed by the U.S. Army. It our hope that these systems allow our troops to enjoy a complete, secure perimeter around their position, capable of giving them advanced warning of unexpected intruders.



The EMC2020 is in pre-production build and will represent the state-of-the art in building management.

The OAS Energy Management Controller features an open and flexible architecture that will not only support boiler & heating controls, but will also integrate support for HVAC, utilities, lighting, security, and nearly any other extension that can be measured or monitored with a wireless sensing device. The EMC2020 will keep your investment down and allow owners to maximize their energy savings.

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May 24th & 25th, 2016 - BUILDINGS NY SHOW BOOTH 939
5/16/2016 - 25% our new system on May 24th & 25th, 2016 at the "Buildings New York" 2015 Trade Show at The Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City, New York. Come see how OAS can start saving you money in less than 72 hours! Greg Devine


"Go-To Meeting"...
4/1/2013 - " A picture is worth a thousand words...what better way to experience the user-friendly, web-enabled technology of the OAS energy management system than to see it for yourself by taking part in a "Go-To Meeting". Invite us to acquaint you with what OAS customers are calling a "robust, yet easy to use system that can be accessed from anywhere." Invest a few minutes with OAS to learn about our energy controller and you'll understand why "going green" has never been easier or more cost effective. Jonathan Walters

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